Services for NRI’s Divorce

We at divorce lawyers in navi Mumbai offer comprehensive legal services for Non- Resident Indians, Indian citizens who have either settled abroad or are temporarily abroad on work permits. We understand that NRIs involved in matrimonial and legal difficulties have specific technical issues while carrying the litigations.  Specific needs of NRIs due to their non-residence status make things different and peculiar to their case and needs,

We provide assistance on cases arising out of personal laws pertaining to divorce/matrimonial laws, dispute resolutions & child custody cases regards conflict of laws and issues arising out of private international laws. Ensuring that the client is best advised on every possible aspect of Indian & complex issues of Trans International Divorce/Matrimonial Laws, Child custody & women’s rights and litigations.
The Team helps in resolving the issues amicably if possible with systematic legal guidance and offers systematic advisory, strategizing and resolving complicated & disputed matrimonial legal issues as per law via proper court approach and necessary legal paper work & processes as needed at the court

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