Counseling And Mediation

Matrimonial disputes are related with emotions, feelings, ego, and psychological reasons.  You would not deny that most difficult thing is to predict the nature and behavior of other human being. We all have tendency of assuming that what we are doing and thinking is correct while others are not doing right. Although, some time we try to rationalize things or making it logical. We pretend to be good listener but we are listening to counter other  to score a goal to boost our inflated ego. We are not listening to listen other’s point of view. That may help us in resolving issue. Why don’t we accept we are imperfect human beings?

Relationship can work more positively if we understand the perception of our spouse. Some time such basic things are ignored by us. AT THIS TIME, there is a need of a Counselor or mediator. Such counselor or mediator has no concern or interest with either of the spouse. Such counselor or mediator can understand your problem objectively.  They can suggest practical ways to resolve issues and understand the perception of each other. Counselor and mediator may act as a miracle and save the most beautiful relationship of “marriage”.

There may also be cases wherein it is manifestly clear that relationship of husband and wife will not work. Spouses have deep abhorrence against each other for variety of reasons. At those juncture, after fully understanding the impossibility of reconciliation, counselor or mediator  would recommend for divorce.

It is entirely into hand of spouses that they understand the fact that divorce is the best remedy in their larger future interest. They can work out their divorce in such scenario in easier manner. Spouses can reach to amicable settlement. Every issue can be resolved by talking. Let the talk to Walk!!! Tough decisions like child custody and visitation rights can be discussed. Mediator or counselor would take care of your decision and facilitate in reaching solution. You would not imagine that you have planned your divorce and worked out in very positive atmosphere to reach to Amicable Settlement.

You are saved from acrimonious litigation saving time, cost and energy. You walk out with held high and can still have healthy relationship.

Thus mediation can work wonders. You are solving your own problem with the intervention of counselor or mediator.  As we say, live happily or part amicably.

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